Healthopaedic Super Vaso Ortho Mattress


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Allow yourself to sink into bed with sublime comfort and a great night’s sleep every night with the Supreme Vasco. This mattress is made from memory foam with a viscose elastic which is a stretchy material that allows you to sink into the reflex foam, whereby millions of microscopic cells respond to temperature and weight to give you balanced support. The 10inch deep mattress from Vasco features a micro quilted top for extra comfort, helping to ensure you have a peaceful and undisturbed night’s sleep, with the micro-quilted fabric creating a soft and smooth surface, as well as allowing your mattress to breath through the polyester. A 12.5g orthopaedic open spring unit with a firm comfort level, and hypo-allergenic so perfect for people who suffer with allergies or hay fever. There’s a good selection of firm orthopaedic beds and mattresses from Highgate Beds.